About WokeLark and Vessy

I founded WokeLark in 2019, driven by my desire to provoke the interest of regular coffee drinkers to dive deeper into the world of coffee.

Most of my friends view coffee as a simple necessity that gives them a caffeine kick and wakes them up in the morning.

They don’t really understand what gets coffee snobs excited when discussing coffee bean varieties, flavor notes, extraction yield, etc.

Meanwhile, coffee connoisseurs tend to sound a bit too pretentious, which is intimidating to those who are actually interested in learning more about the hobby.

My main goal is to eliminate this barrier and make beginners feel comfortable.

This way, more and more people will get to experience the excitement of experimenting with different coffee drinks, specialty coffee beans, and brewing devices.

Finding out how you can affect extraction to get the best flavor is worth exploring.

Once you get the hang of it, you won’t go back to your regular cup.

In my blog posts, I cover all kinds of topics about coffee – brewing tips, reviews of devices and accessories, beginner-friendly guides on the basic differences between different types of beans, coffee makers, etc.

On WokeLark, you can also get to know a thing or two about tea as well, as I’m a fan of it and I am interested in learning more about it myself.

Here you will also find information related to the effects of coffee and tea on our minds and bodies. For such topics, I make sure to do thorough research, based on scientific reports, and provide high-quality informative content.

Apart from that, I’d occasionally post mainstream coffee drink recipes that would make some coffee snobs roll their eyes. But there’s nothing wrong with having your coffee the way you like it!

I believe that the best coffee is the one you enjoy having the most. Different people enjoy different things, there’s no right or wrong when discussing personal preferences.

I just hope that reading WokeLark will help you find new ways to enjoy your coffee more than you ever did.

Who’s the Author behind WokeLark?

My name is Vessy and I am the founder and the author of WokeLark.
Vessy, certified barista and founder of wokelark.com
I am a barista with more than 8 years of perience.

Since I have a passion for learning more things about coffee and new brewing devices and techniques, over the years I’ve accumulated plenty of knowledge and experience. That’s why I decided it may be time to share everything that I know with other coffee lovers.

Furthermore, I’m certified by the Italian Barista Academy and by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Apart from my passion for coffee, I have other hobbies too. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and masters degree in advertising and media.

My education and curiosity help me maintain WokeLark.com. Furthermore, I love good music, good food, and spending quality time with my family and friends. I also like outdoor activities since I mainly work in an office or at home.

Some of Vessy’s popular articles

What does “WokeLark” even mean?

You may be wondering how I chose the brand name “WokeLark”.

The lark is actually an early morning songbird.

“Lark” is used to describe a type of person who gets up early naturally, and who’s more energetic at the beginning of the day.

I’m an early bird, most productive in the morning.

I love the peace and quietness in the early hours, especially in combination with my coffee brewing ritual.

This is the time when I get to enjoy the moment and focus on preparing a delicious cup.

I believe that said coffee ritual has a therapeutic effect and helps me get through my busy days less stressed and worried.

Now let’s discuss the first part of WokeLark’s name.

I always try to make informed decisions and be aware of the effects of my actions.

Woke is an adjective that generally means well-informed and up-to-date.

When I write my articles, I make sure that they are well-researched and provide detailed information regarding the topic they’re covering.

I do not associate my blog with how the word “woke” is being used nowadays.

Anyway, I still love my website’s name, as I find it somewhat funny.

Furthermore, I’m an early bird type of person and I start my day with a flavorful cup of coffee that wakes me up.

So you can play around with how you interpret the name.

I wouldn’t change it, as it has sentimental value. I put a lot of effort to maintain WokeLark on my own.

I do the research for each post, take the photos that I publish, and make sure that I share my experience in the best way possible.

I even draw the images that you find at the beginning of each article (as you could probably tell).

I’ll be more than grateful if you share my blog with others who may find it interesting.

Especially if you found useful information in a certain post, or you liked the type of content that I create.

WokeLark has its own Pinterest page too!

You can follow it for cool images, or if you’re interested in the type of content that I share.

Keeping Things Going

Keeping WokeLark up to date and running is possible thanks to you – the reader.

You should be aware that most product links I leave are likely affiliated.

This means that if you order through them, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

This helps me spend more time writing and maintaining wokelark.com.

Of course, I would never recommend coffee gear or any other product that I don’t like or trust.

In my product reviews, I specifically explain why I consider a certain item as one of the best. Along with that, I try to describe its disadvantages too.

This way I try to make sure that you make an informed decision and get a clear idea of whether the product matches your needs.

Contact me

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I love communicating with my readers.