Best Scales For Coffee – Top Picks & Reviews

You feel like it’s time to step up your coffee brewing game? Then you may need adequate equipment that will make it easier to achieve better results.

A coffee scale is an essential accessory for anyone who’s trying to make good coffee.

No matter what brewing device you use – a French Press, Aeropress, Hario V60 dripper, Chemex, or, say, an espresso machine, using a scale will provide precision when you measure the ground beans that are needed for a certain amount of water.

Actually, all recommended coffee-to-water ratios are by weight, not volume.

So if you’re trying to get consistently good results cup after cup, it may be difficult to achieve that without the help of an accurate scale.

What are the best scales for coffee?

Coffee Scale: Main Characteristics: Price Bracket
1. Hario V60 Drip gram scale with timer; battery-operated (there is also a rechargeable version); great for pour-over, not really convenient for espresso; $$$
2. Timemore Black Miror with timer; gram scale; rechargeable; suitable for pour-over, full-immersion and espresso; $$$
3. CJ-4000 NO timer; both imperial (oz) and metric (g) units; battery-operated, but can also be plugged into an electric outlet; very responsive and gives consistent readings; suitable for pour-over and full-imersion brewing methods (not espresso); $$
4. Coffee Gator with timer; imperial & metric units; battery-operated; suitable for pour-over, full-immersion and espresso; $$
5. Acaia Pearl with timer; grams & ounces; smart scale, has an app that you can pair it with; meant for pour-over, can also be used for full-immersion and espresso; $$$$$$
6. Acaia Lunar with timer; grams & ounces; smart tiny scale, has an app that you can connect it to; suitable for espresso, NOT pour-over; $$$$$$$
7. Greater Goods NO timer; measures in metric and imperial units; pocket scale; suitable for espresso only; $
8. Eravsow with timer; weighs in grams and ounces; suitable for pour-over; $

To spare you some time in looking and comparing different products, I decided to make this guide on the best scales for coffee.

Here I include both budget-friendly and more expensive products.

You will find scales with timers for pour-over, as well as regular kitchen scales that are accurate enough to be used for coffee too.

After I did thorough research, I picked the top products, based on their accuracy, function, longevity, and price.

I also made sure to write detailed reviews that will give you an idea of whether a certain scale is one that matches your personal needs and requirements.

So here are the best coffee scales:

1. Hario V60 Drip Coffee Gram Scale with Timer

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The Hario V60 scale is a reliable product that’s part of the brewing setup of many passionate coffee lovers.

It’s one of the first scales with a built-in timer, created with the sole intention to be used for coffee (and it’s the first coffee scale that I’ve ever owned).

The initial weight of the Hario V60 scale is 2 grams.

It reads in 0.1 gram increments to 200 grams. From 200 grams to 500 grams it reads in 0.5 gram increments, and from 500 above – in 1 gram increments.

The capacity of this coffee scale is 2 kilograms (2000 grams).

So you can be very precise to up to 200 grams when weighing the coffee dose alone.

Nevertheless, once you place your cup and pour-over dripper, French Press, or Chemex carafe on top of the scale, the accuracy will decline.

For example, a Hario V60 02 decanter and a 02 V60 plastic dripper weigh around 330 grams.

A 6-cup Chemex glass carafe weighs around 550 grams.

So once you place your pour-over device on your Hario coffee scale and you start pouring, the screen will display in 0.5 gram increments at best.

This is definitely a product characteristic that you need to be aware of before buying it to avoid disappointment.

What’s also worth noting is that the response time of the scale isn’t always flawless.

It may take a moment for it to register a change in weight

Misled by what the screen shows, you may pour more water than needed and mess up the coffee-to-water ratio.

We can all agree that this can be frustrating.

With that being said, I’ve used a Hario V60 scale for years and I’ve never really had an issue with this product disadvantage.

I actually got used to it quite fast.

When making pour-over coffee I made sure to slow down my pour when there were 15 grams left to hit my target.

This way I got to nail the target weight despite the lag.

If you use it for espresso – just stop the shot before you hit the target yield.

This way you’ll compensate for the few grams of yield that falls from the portafilter after you stop the shot.

There is another thing that I need to point out – the Hario coffee scale isn’t waterproof.

It can definitely handle a few splashes on its surface plate, but you should try to keep it as dry as possible.

The screen of the Hario V60 Drip scale falls asleep if you don’t use it for 5 minutes.

However, if the timer is on, it will count the minutes until they reach 99:59 before the timer shuts off.

The Hario V60 Drip Scale is a battery-operated coffee accessory and it works with 2 AAA batteries.

There is also a rechargeable Hario V60 Metal scale, that you can see in the following photo:

Click here to check out its price on Amazon.

Instead of a plastic plate, it has a stainless steel one.

Just like the regular battery-operated Hario scale, the metal one has capacitive touch buttons, not tactile ones.

With all being said, this item has been a staple in the world of specialty coffee for years.

Even though it has some disadvantages, the Hario V60 Drip coffee scale is definitely one of the best products that you can get your hands on.

After all, it has all the necessary features that will help you improve your brew.

2. Timemore Black Mirror

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The Timemore Black Mirror is a rechargeable digital scale with a built-in timer and it’s for sure one of the best scales for coffee.

It’s accurate, has an auto timer feature and it’s perfect for those who are looking for a reliable device with a cool minimalist design.

Furthermore, it’s more budget-friendly than other scales in its category, such as the popular among coffee lovers Acaia.

The initial weight of the Timemore Black Mirror is 0.5 grams and its maximum capacity is 2 kilograms.

When it comes to its responsiveness, it’s better than the Hario V60.

While it may take a second for it to display a weight change, the lag is pretty much negligible.

So if it’s important for you to own a scale with quick readings, the Timemore Black Mirror definitely matches your requirements.

The accuracy of this stylish coffee accessory is to 0.1 grams.

It’s perfect for both pour-over and espresso.

You can conveniently place your portafilter on top of it and precisely measure your coffee dose.

Nevertheless, some people who use it to measure their espresso shots don’t like its height.

When placed on the drip tray of some espresso machines, the Timemore Black Mirror may take a bit too much space.

While you will be able to fit both your cup and the scale underneath the portafilter, some think that the scale should’ve been thinner.

With that being said, many individuals use the Black Mirror for espresso daily without having any complaints about its size.

So if you’re not one of the people who insist on getting a pocket scale, you won’t go wrong with this scale by Timemore.

When it comes to its design, it’s quite simple.

When the scale is off, you don’t even see its touch buttons – you only see a black (or white, depending on the color you went for) square.

The power button is on the bottom right corner. Once you touch it, the scale will turn on and you will see its display and two buttons on both sides.

On the display, along with the timer and weight reading, you will see a battery indicator, which shows whether you need to recharge.

When fully charged, the Timemore coffee scale lasts for around 8 hours.

I recharge mine every 7 to 10 days, depending on how much I use it.

This product also has an auto-shut-off function. It will automatically turn off after 3 minutes if you don’t use it. If the timer is on, it will automatically turn off in 15 minutes.

The power button of the Timemore Black Mirror also serves as a tare button.

The time button is on the bottom left corner of the scale.

You can use it for several purposes – to start, stop and pause the timer; to stop the beeping sound the buttons make, and to turn on the auto-timer mode.

Once you turn on this mode and you press the timer button, you will see a count down from 3 to 1. Then you’re ready to start pouring. The change in weight will activate the timer.

This function is great for anyone who uses the Timemore Black Mirror scale for pour-over coffee.

The scale comes with a nice silicone pad that you can place on its surface for extra support.

The Timemore Black Mirror coffee scale isn’t 100% waterproof, but because of the way it’s designed, it’s more resistant to water damage than the Hario V60 Drip one.

Unlike the latter, the electronics of the Timemore are on its bottom and it’s much harder to damage them.

I’d still make sure to keep water away from the charge port as much as I can, though.

What’s worth noting is that the Timemore Black Mirror is not a smart coffee scale. It doesn’t have an app that you can connect it to.

Nevertheless, it has all the functions that a coffee scale really needs.

So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Acaia scale, get the Timemore Black Mirror.

By doing so, you will get the best value for your money, for sure.

Because of all of its advantages, I got the Timemore Black Mirror myself and I’m more than happy with its performance and looks.

You can see it in action in my Chemex brew guide.

3. CJ-4000 Digital Scale

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.
The CJ-4000 Digital is my top pick for anyone who’s looking for an affordable scale for pour-over coffee.

It gives quick readings, it’s very accurate and easy to use.

The CJ-4000 has a high capacity – 4000 grams (4 kilograms or around 9 pounds), and it measures in grams, ounces, pounds, and pieces.

Therefore you can use it as both a coffee and kitchen scale.

This item reads in 0.5 gram increments, so it isn’t accurate to a tenth of a gram like other dedicated coffee scales.

Nevertheless, it’s very fast at displaying a weight change.

This is an extremely valuable advantage, as many 0.1 gram increment coffee scales lack responsiveness, which can be quite frustrating (especially if you’re not used to it).

Furthermore, the CJ-4000 scale gives consistent readings. If you place the same object on the scale multiple times, it will show the same weight over and over again

You may think that all scales are capable of such consistency, but that’s not actually the case.

The CJ-4000 scale doesn’t have a timer.

It’s a pretty basic, entry-level coffee accessory, perfect for anyone who’s looking for a well-performing scale under $50.

It’s perfect for you if you use a Chemex, a Hario V60, or another pour-over brewing device.

Actually, many coffee shops use this scale for their pour-overs, because of its accuracy and reliability.

Nevertheless, I should point out that it’s not for you if you are to use it for weighing espresso yield, as its design doesn’t fit well on a drip tray.

This scale comes with 3 AAA batteries, but you can also use its adapter and plug it in the electrical outlet.

It has a 2 minutes auto-turn-off feature, but you can easily turn it off by following the user manual.

While the CJ-4000 isn’t waterproof, it’s very durable and sturdy, serving its owners for years.

For all the aforementioned reasons many beginner coffee enthusiasts opt for this scale.

After years of use, they switch it for another premium product, such as the Acaia Lunar, not because of a CJ-4000 malfunction, but because of their desire to upgrade their coffee brewing set.

With all being said, you won’t go wrong with the CJ-4000, as it’s truly one of the best scales for coffee that you can get at its price range.

4. Coffee Gator Digital Scale With Timer

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The Coffee Gator scale with timer is another budget-friendly product that’s worthy of your attention.

It has all the functions a basic coffee scale needs, and it’s very affordable.

It weighs in both imperial and metric units, so you can easily switch from grams to ounces.

Its capacity is 6.6 pounds (3 kilograms, 3000 grams), so it’s safe to say that this scale can be used as a general-purpose kitchen scale too.

Of course, at this price point, you can’t be expecting extremely precise accuracy.

Even though it’s advertised that the Coffee Gator readings are in 0.1 gram increments, the scale isn’t consistent.

Depending on where you place the item you’re weighing there may be a 0.5 to 1 gram difference in the displayed weight.

This weight variation may also occur when you’re placing an item, removing it from the scale, and placing it back on it.

This may be a deal-breaker for those of you who are aiming for precision when weighing their espresso or pour-over ground beans.

If you’re one of those precision-seeking individuals, but you’re still looking for a budget-friendly scale for pour-over coffee, get the CJ-4000, not the Coffee Gator.

Yes, the former doesn’t have a timer, like other coffee scales, but it’s very reliable when it truly matters.

Still, a lot of beginner coffee enthusiasts opt for the Coffee Gator scale, because of its affordability.

Many people don’t really mind the small fluctuations in the displayed weight.

The number of positive online reviews proves that.

This scale also has a timer, which is a very convenient feature for those who want to make improvements in their pour-over brew.

The Coffee Gator scale is a battery-operated device.

It comes with 2 AAA batteries.

It has a backlight display, which is also a useful feature, as it makes it possible for you to see the readings even in a not-so-well-lit room.

The Coffee Gator scale has tactile push-buttons, which, by many users, is considered an advantage.

It also has a cool non-slip rubber mat that you can take off when your scale needs a clean.

Usually, this type of scale accessory also serves as an insulator.

When your hot coffee pours into the decanter/cup you’ve placed on the scale, the high temperature doesn’t mess with the electronics of the device, because of the rubber cover.

There is also a plastic basket tray, which comes with the Coffee Gator scale.

I don’t really see how I’d use this accessory, but some of you may think that it makes sense.

Anyway, with all being said, the Coffee Gator scale deserves its spot on this list.

I’ve included this brand in a few of my best product review posts (Best French Press Coffee Maker, Best Gooseneck Kettles).

This is so, not only because the Cofee Gator items are affordable and of good quality, but also because of the great Coffee Gator customer service.

By the way, this Digital Coffee Scale with Timer for Pour Over and Drip Coffee has similar to the Coffee Gator’s characteristics:

Click here to check out its price on Amazon.

Its design isn’t as nice, but it serves its purpose almost as well as the Coffee Gator.

Because it’s quite cheap compared to other similar products, this item often serves as the first scale for beginner coffee enthusiasts.

5. Acaia Pearl

Click here to check it out on Amazon

It’s just not possible to leave the Acaia Pearl out of this list.

It’s mainly targeted for pour-over coffee, while the Acaia Lunar is intended to be mainly used for espresso (the latter is smaller and perfectly fits on an espresso machine’s drip tray).

The Pearl is a premium-grade digital scale and it’s quite expensive (more than $100).

Naturally, a person would ask why would anyone give that much money for a scale.

Well, there are quite a few reasons why the Acaia Pearl is generally considered as the best scale for pour-over coffee.

It’s extremely precise – its readings are in 0.1 gram increments.

Unlike the previously reviewed Coffee Gator, you will get consistent readings on the Acaia Pearl.

Say you place your portafilter on this scale, then remove it, and place it back on its surface – the displayed weight will remain the same both times.

You can make this experiment countless times and still get the same reading over and over again.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where exactly on the scale’s surface you place the item you need to weigh – the accuracy will remain excellent.

This makes the Acaia Pearl extremely reliable, which is very satisfying for anyone who’s trying to be as precise as possible.

This type of precision makes it easier for you to make improvements in your homemade coffee.

Another great advantage of the Acaia Pearl coffee scale is its ultra-fast response time.

As soon as a coffee bean hits the surface, its weight appears on the display.

Furthermore, this device is so sensitive that if you blow on its top plate the readings change.

So when it comes to sensitivity and consistency, I don’t think there’s another product on the list that can beat the Acaia scales (both Pearl and Lunar).

The Acaia Pearl comes with an anti-slip rubber pad for extra support.

If you turn it upside down, it serves as a portafilter holder.

It has a nice minimalist design and it will look great on virtually any kitchen counter.

The maximum capacity of the Pearl is 2 kg (2000 g, 70.5 ounces).

It weighs in grams and ounces, so it can be used as an all-purpose kitchen scale too.

What’s worth noting is that, unlike the Acaia Lunar, the Acaia Pearl isn’t water-resistant.

Still, like other reviewed items, it can take a few spills on its surface.

Apart from its excellent basic characteristics, the Acaia Pearl has different modes that you can take advantage of.

For example, it has an auto-tare function.

If the auto-tare mode is on, the scale will tare the first item that you place on it automatically and then go back to its regular weighing function.

Say you place your espresso dosing cup on the scale – it will automatically tare its weight.

When you start adding the coffee beans into the cup – the display reading will show your beans’ weight.

It also has an auto-start mode, which starts the timer when pouring begins.

The timer mode shows both time and weight, while the weighing mode – only the weight.

There are 6 Acaia Pearl Modes in total – some more useful than others.

To be fair, it’s frustrating to skip from the first to the sixth mode if those two are the only ones you use.

Luckily, you can turn off some of the modes that you don’t need through the settings.

Speaking of settings, the process of configuration of the Acaia Pearl may be a bit annoying to its new owner, but there are helpful youtube videos that will make it easier for you to customize your scale’s functions.

Still, the buttons of the scale could’ve been a bit more responsive, making it easier for the user to go through each setting and customize it more effortlessly.

The Acaia Pearl is also a smart coffee scale that you can connect to an app via Bluetooth.

Some of the settings can also be configured through the Acaia app instead of manually.

The application pretty much reflects what’s happening on the scale.

Nevertheless, it has other features too – you can save the types of beans that you’ve used for a certain brew, you can use its brew guides for guidelines, and more.

With that being said, only a small percentage of all people who own an Acaia scale actually take advantage of the numerous app functions.

This makes many of us wonder whether it’s worth it to pay so much for features that we don’t actually need.

That’s why I hope that soon there will be a simple Acaia scale with a timer, that has the accuracy, responsiveness, and reliability of its Pearl and Lunar smart sisters.

The Acaia pearl, as you might’ve guessed is rechargeable.

Some find it annoying that the scale turns off during charging.

With that being said, a fully-charged Acaia battery doesn’t run out quickly, so it won’t leave you in the middle of a brew cycle if you remember to charge it within reasonable periods of time.

In conclusion, the Acaia Pearl is definitely one of the top products on this list.

Nevertheless, if it doesn’t fit your budget, one of the previous or following entries will work perfectly well too.

The precision, responsiveness, and consistency of the Acaia Pearl are outstanding.

Nonetheless, you will be able to make just-as-good coffee with any of the previously reviewed products, as their flaws are pretty much negligible.

6. Acaia Lunar Scale

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

The Acaia Lunar scale is another top product perfect for coffee enthusiasts who make espresso daily.

It’s is much smaller than the Acaia Pearl, which also makes it an excellent pocket scale, ideal for travel.

It’s extremely accurate to a tenth of a gram, its response time is excellent, and just like the Acaia Pearl, it gives consistent readings, leaving you doubtless that the weight it displays is the actual weight of the item you’ve placed on it.

One of the main disadvantages of the Acaia Lunar scale is that it’s expensive (costs more than $200).

Nevertheless, many people who are in a search of a reliable and precise scale, find the investment in this smart device a wise choice.

Because it’s so tiny, the Acaia Lunar isn’t the perfect scale for pour-over.

If you place a cup/decanter and a dripper on it, you won’t be able to see the display.

On the other hand, it’s perfect for weighing your espresso yield, as it will fit underneath the portafilter of both regular and manual espresso machines without taking a lot of space.

The maximum capacity of this tiny scale is 2 kg (2000 g, 70.55 oz). This is definitely a high capacity, considering the precision this device is capable of.

The design of this pocket scale is simple and functional.

It comes with a non-slip rubber cover that may also serve as a portafilter holder if you turn it upside down.

The Acaia Lunar is water-resistant. Even if you submerge it in water it will still work.

I wouldn’t do that on purpose, but it’s good to know that this scale isn’t as susceptible to water damage compared to other coffee scales on this list.

As you might’ve guessed, this expensive smart scale is rechargeable.

It also comes with a 100 g calibration weight, which you can use every once in a while to check the device’s accuracy.

You can pair the Acaia Lunar with your phone via Bluetooth if you download the app.

As with the Acaia Pearl, the app doesn’t have many day-to-day applicable features.

Nevertheless, it’s useful as some of the scale’s settings can be adjusted through the app.

The Acaia Lunar coffee scale has 6 modes. The main two are weighing and dual display. The former only shows you weight readings, while the latter shows both weight and time.

If one of the other 4 modes is on, you will see a tiny icon in the right corner of the display.

For example, the droplet icon indicates that flow mode is on. This means that once the scale reads a weight change, the timer will automatically start. Once the weight stops changing the timer will automatically stop. Some people find this mode useful for weighing espresso yield.

The square icon indicates that auto-tare mode is on. This means that the weight of the first item that you place on the scale will be tared, then the scale will go back to regular weighing mode.

You will quickly get used to what all the icons and icon combinations indicate.

But are you going to use all these modes? I doubt it, to be honest.

While there might be some people who take advantage of all Acaia Lunar functions, through its different modes and app features, they make a small portion of all who own this scale.

The Acaia Lunar undoubtedly is one of the best coffee scales, especially in the world of espresso.

So it’s worth getting it if you are really passionate and rigorous about coffee and you are to use this scale daily.

With all being said, I’d love to be able to get a more affordable Acaia scale, that doesn’t have all those unnecessary features, but it’s still as reliable.

(If you don’t have the money for an Acaia Lunar scale now, but you really want this fancy premium scale, read the next product review!)

7. Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale

Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.

The Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale is unquestionably the best scale for espresso that’s extremely affordable.

It costs less than $20 and it’s accurate with a tenth of a gram resolution.

It’s very responsive, displaying change in readings almost instantly.

Furthermore, it’s very consistent and reliable.

The displayed weight won’t erratically change from, say, 13.5 to 14.5 grams for no reason.

It fits perfectly on an espresso drip tray, without taking a lot of space, which makes it a perfect scale for measuring your espresso shot.

Its capacity is 750 grams which may seem too low compared to previously reviewed items.

Nevertheless, this maximum weight is ideal for anyone who is to use the Greater Goods Pocket Scale for espresso.

This device will precisely measure your espresso grounds dose after dose, making it easier for you to achieve good results consistently.

The Greater Goods scale is actually a lab scale.

It isn’t produced to be used in the coffee industry.

This may be the reason why it’s not as overpriced as other products.

This product can’t be used for pour-over coffee, as you definitely won’t be able to fit your pour-over brewing set on it.

The Greater Goods Digital Scale also doesn’t have a timer, but we all know that all of our phones have one.

If you don’t want to use your phone, you can get a cheap digital timer, such as this one (Amazon link).

This budget-friendly scale weighs in both imperial and metric units. It’s a battery-operated device, which comes with 2 AAA batteries.

Author’s Tip: If you really want an Acaia Lunar coffee scale, but it doesn’t make sense for you to spend that much money on it now, get the Greater Goods pocket scale instead.

Then start saving. By the time you save enough for the premium smart scale by Acaia, you might’ve convinced yourself, that you need nothing more than this simple lab scale.

Another affordable scale in this category is the Weightman pocket scale.

Click here to check out its price on Amazon.

Just like the Greater Good’s scale, this one is very tiny and it fits underneath the portafilter of lever espresso makers such as the Flair, and the Cafelat Robot.

It isn’t as accurate as the Greater Good’s one, but the consistency and precision of the Weightman are also admirable, considering its price.

Furthermore, the Weightman scale has a maximum capacity of 1000 grams, and unlike the Greater Good’s pocket scale, has a built-in timer.

8. Eravsow Coffee Scale With Timer

Click here to check its price on Amazon.

The Eravsow Coffee Scale with Timer is one of the best budget-friendly coffee scales for both pour-over and full-immersion coffee brewing methods.

Its maximum weight is 6.6 pounds (3000 g, 3 kg) and its actual accuracy is to 0.5 grams.

You can use it to measure in both grams and ounces.

If you’re into coffee, you know that most coffee recipes are in grams.

Nevertheless, if your scale weighs in ounces too, you can use it as an all-purpose kitchen scale.

While there is a bit of a lag, the Eravsow Coffee Scale is reasonably responsive

When you place something on it, its display readings reflect the weight change fast enough to not cause irritation in the person who’s using it.

The Eravsow runs on 2 AAA batteries.

It’s the perfect entry-level coffee scale for those who have a limited budget.

The disadvantage is that you can’t really use the Eravsow for espresso, as it’s quite bulky, so you won’t be able to fit it underneath your portafilter.

It’s also not as accurate compared to the previous entry, so stick to the Greater Goods pocket scale for an espresso-suitable unit at this price point.

Another affordable coffee scale that is often picked by coffee enthusiasts, who are just getting into the coffee rabbit hole, is the Amir Scale:

Click here to check out its price

It doesn’t have a built-in timer, but it’s very accurate, letting beginners make huge improvements in their coffee’s taste.

Over to you

I hope my guide and product reviews made it easier for you to choose the best coffee scale for your personal needs.

One of the main purposes of The Woke Lark is to help you make informed decisions, based on a thorough research.

The other one is to introduce you to the world of coffee and make you feel comfortable in it.

Share your input or ask me a question in the comment section below.

And most importantly, let me know which coffee scale you chose and why.

I’d love to find out!

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