Best Coffee for Cold Brew: Top 6 Pre-ground & Whole Bean Products Reviewed

Making yummy cold brew coffee at home isn’t hard; you don’t need fancy equipment or brilliant brewing technique to achieve great results. What you really need is a mason jar, a filter, good coffee, and water.

In this post, I will share my top picks among pre-ground and whole bean coffees that are best suited for cold brew.

Of course, if you’re trying to make the best-tasting cup of coffee, your top option is to go to your local roaster, buy freshly roasted whole beans and grind them right before steeping.

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Nevertheless, if you don’t have a grinder, or you don’t want to visit the coffee shop nearby, you can order one of my top product recommendations from Amazon, and still get to enjoy an exceptionally good cold brew coffee at home.

If you are to buy pre-ground coffee, go for a medium to a coarse grind. Using a fine grind would lead to over-extraction and bitter-tasting coffee.

All of the reviewed products, included in this post, are ground in a way that makes them suitable for cold brewing.

If you have a grinder at home, that’s great! Buying whole beans and freshly grinding your coffee before brewing is always much better.

That’s why I made sure to also include brands that offer both whole and pre-ground coffee beans that are targeted for cold brew.

I’m certain that among the coffee beans on my list, you will find the ones that will suit your personal taste best.

Without further ado, let’s dive in

What are the Best Coffees for Cold Brew? Top 6 Picks Reviewed

So here are the best pre-ground and whole bean coffees for cold brew:

Coffee Name Roast Profile Type
1. Cooper’s Medium Pre-Ground & Whole Bean
2. Stone Street Dark Pre-Ground & Whole Bean
3. Inspired Coffee Co. Dark Pre-Ground
4. Primos Medium Pre-Ground
5. Stone Cold Jo Dark Pre-Ground & Whole Bean
5. Bizzy Smooth & Sweet Medium Pre-Ground

Let’s review each one of those.

1. Cooper’s

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I am starting with my personal favorite.

If you’re used to having cold brew made at some of the large coffee chains and you’ve just decided that you want to make it yourself at home, start out by getting Cooper’s pre-ground or whole coffee bean packages.

With these Peruvian single-origin medium roasted beans you will truly experience the best cold brew you’ve ever had and never go back to your old habits.

As soon as you open the package you will fall in love with the coffee aroma coming out of it.

The roast profile in combination with the cold brew method of extraction results in a rich, smooth, and well-balanced cup.

In my guide on the best coffee roast for cold brew, I pointed out that the medium roast is perfect if you want to have a more complex cup that reveals some of the beans’ character.

The roast profile of Cooper’s organic coffee does just that.

It’s also pre-ground to an adequate grind size for cold brew. If you have a grinder, don’t worry, you can get the whole bean version.

Cooper’s brand has another great alternative for cold brew. The Colombian single-origin beans are also fantastic.

They’re roasted a bit darker and you can check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

Again – they’re pre-ground and ready for use for your cold brew at home.

I’m sure you’ll love the rich yet smooth flavor you get to experience by using those beans.

Actually, there’s another coffee bean bag by Cooper’s that’s roasted for cold brew, which you can also buy as a whole bean package (see on Amazon). It’s again medium roast and it’s Guatemalan.

If you want to try all, you can go for this box set:

It includes all three of Cooper’s cold brew alternatives. This way you can find out which one suits your taste best.

This box also makes a great gift for a coffee lover who enjoys making cold brew at home.

Overall, Cooper’s offers one of the best coffees for cold brew that you can find in both pre-ground and whole bean bags. They also come at a pretty good price, so you should definitely check them out.

2. Stone Street

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Stone Street coffee for cold brew is simply great.

You can get it as a whole bean or as a pre-ground package.

It is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking to have an amazingly enjoyable cold brew.

The Stone Street coffee beans are darkly roasted and have a thrilling aroma. Since this product is targeted for this brewing method, it will likely become your go-to.

So I would gladly recommend it to anyone that wants to have an excellent cup of cold brew coffee at home.

3. Inspired Coffee Co. French Vanilla

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There are quite a few different types of beans, targeted for the cold brewing method, that Inspired Coffee Co. offers.

I decided to point out the French Vanilla bag, which is full of coarsely pre-ground single-origin Columbian Supremo coffee.

I should say that it’s not vanilla-flavored, it actually has vanilla undertones that some of you may not even notice. The vanilla flavor isn’t strongly pronounced but is delightful. Nevertheless, a cold brew, made with this French Vanilla pre-ground coffee, will be smooth and flavorful.

The roast profile is dark and will give those nutty undertones that suit this type of coffee nicely.

If you want to try out other of the cold brew bags Inspired Coffee Co. offers, you can go for the sampler pack, which you can find on Amazon here :

This way you will get to have a few different cold brew batches and compare one to the other. By doing so, you will decide which types of coffee beans suit your personal preference best. It’s always fun to do that.

If you don’t feel like doing so, I’d recommend the French Vanilla – you won’t be disappointed.

4. Primos

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This is a great pre-ground product that is perfect for cold brew.

Its medium roast gives a rich flavor without a bitter edge.

Unlike the other pre-ground coffee alternatives on the list, this product isn’t marketed as “made for a cold brew”. Nonetheless, it is more than suitable for this brewing method.

Many people use it with their French press and love it. It’s fantastic when brewed hot too.

Overall, the Primos pre-ground coffee is of high-quality and will leave you satisfied with your purchase, especially if you are to use it for cold brewing.

So if you want to have a nice and refreshing homemade cold brew, you won’t make a mistake by going for Primos.

5. Stone Cold Jo

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

When I first saw the name on this bag I immediately pictured a 6’7’’ bearded man that lives in the mountains and loves his coffee. He just can’t compromise on the taste and the ritual of having his cup is the highlight of his day and the only time he sincerely smiles.

That’s why I was drawn to try it out and it was one of the best I’ve had.

You can also find it coarsely ground ready to use for your made-at-home cold brew.

The coffee will be just right – full-bodied, flavorful, with a smooth taste, no matter how you drink it – straight up, with milk, or with added sweeteners and cream.

My friend’s father has stomach issues and this is the only coffee he drinks and enjoys.

He uses the immersion cold brew technique to prepare it. During the colder months, he dilutes it with boiling water and gets to have a cozy warm, and flavorful cup that gets to pick him up and doesn’t bother his stomach.

No wonder Stone Cold Jo only smiles when having his coffee.

You should try it out for sure – it’s worth it.

6. Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee

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With Bizzy, you are getting affordable coarsely ground coffee beans.

Many people think that this is the best cold brew coffee bag and it’s definitely among my favorites.

It’s an awesome solution to those of you who are trying to save some money by switching up their Starbucks cold brew with a homemade alternative that tastes much better.

I recommend starting out with Bizzy’s smooth and sweet blend, as it’s probably their best one. There are other coffee blends, targeted for cold brew coffee, that the brand offers. By clicking here you can check out their cold brew variety pack, which consists of pre-ground coffee of Bizzy’s “Smooth & Sweet”, “Dark & Bold”, and “Light & Bright” blends. This set also makes a perfect gift for someone who enjoys making and having cold brew at home.

Final Words

I hope I managed to help you out with my recommendations for ground and whole coffee beans.

I’m confident that you can find your all-time favorite among the aforementioned brands. The recommended pre-ground coffee bean bags are perfect no matter whether you make your cold brew in a French press, a mason jar, or another device.

Nevertheless, if you are to make fast cold brew coffee in an AeroPress, the pre-ground beans that I recommend in this post will be a bit too coarse. If you want to find out more about how to make cold brew in an AeroPress in two minutes, and what’s the proper grind size for this unusual brewing method, click here.

Anyway, leave me a comment below to share your top pick or ask me a question.

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