Top 6 Best Nespresso Machines 2023: Comparison & Reviews

There is a large variety of single-serve capsule coffee makers, so choosing one can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why I decided to create a guide on the best Nespresso Original and Vertuo machines and make things easier for you.

Of course, each person has their own preferences and buyng criteria. Some want a simple, easy-to-use, and cheap coffee maker that won’t take up much space on their kitchen counter. Others insist on getting one with a milk frother for homemade latte and cappuccino coffee drinks.

In this guide, you will find reviews and a comparison chart of the top Nespresso coffee machines in each category.

To be fair, they’re all worth it, considering the fact that Nespresso offers high-quality reliable products at adequate prices. Furthermore, you can make delicious and smooth coffee with them in no time. That’s why Nespresso is my favorite pod coffee maker brand on the market.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Which are the Top Nespresso Machines?

To figure out which is the best Nespresso machine for you, we need to go over the main differences between the way Nespresso Original and Vertuo machines work.

  • Original Nespresso machines puncture the capsule and force hot water inside of it until up to 19 bars of pressure are reached. The bottom of the capsule then bursts from the applied pressure, and the coffee starts pouring into your cup. The Original Line pressure system provides excellent extraction and creates a cup with an intense flavor and a nice and thick coffee foam layer.
  • The Vertuo machines are used in combination with capsules that have printed barcodes under their rims. The machine reads the barcode and creates optimal brewing conditions for the specific pod you’ve inserted. Vertuo machines use a “centrifusion” spinning system. Once the hot water enters the capsule, the pod gets spun at 7000 rpm. The created agitation improves extraction and results in a satisfying cup with a nice foam layer.

Here is an overview comparison chart of the best Nespresso coffee machines (click on the model name to jump to its detailed review):

Machine Name: Predefined serving sizes/drink buttons: Water tank size: Used Capsule container capacity: Milk Compartment: Dimensions (WxDxH): Price Bracket:
1. Nespresso Essenza Mini (Original Line) *espresso: 1.35 oz./40 ml.
*lungo: 3.7 oz./110 ml.
20.3 oz. (600 ml.) 6 No milk compartment, can be bought in a bundle with a milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes. 4.3 x 8.0 x 12.8 in $
2. Lattissima Pro (Original Line) *ristretto: 0.85 oz./25 ml.
*espresso: 1.35 oz./40 ml.
*lungo: 3.7 oz./110 ml.
*latte macchiato
43 oz./1270 ml. 13 Integrated milk steamer and frother. 7.6 in x 13 in x 10.8 in $$$$$$
3. Vertuo Next (VertuoLine) *Espresso: 1.35 oz./40 ml.
*Double Espresso: 2.7 oz./ 80ml.
*Gran lungo: 5 oz./150 ml.
*Coffee: 7.77 oz./ 230 ml.
*Carafe: 18 oz./530 ml.
37 oz. (1094 ml.) 10 No milk compartment, can be bought in a bundle with a milk frother. 5.5 x 16.8 x 12.4 in $$
4. Citiz (Original Line) *ristretto: 0.85 oz./25 ml.
*espresso: 1.35 oz./40 ml.
*lungo: 3.7 oz./110 ml
34 oz./1 liter. 9 It doesn’t have an integrated milk frother. 8.6 in x 14.6 in x 10.9 in $$$
5. Evoluo (VertuoLine) *Espresso: 1.35 oz./40 ml.
*Double Espresso: 2.7 oz./ 80ml.
*Gran lungo: 5 oz./150 ml.
*Coffee: 7.77 oz./ 230 ml.
54 oz. (1600 ml.) 17 No milk compartment. To make cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk coffee beverages buy in combination with an Aeroccino Milk Frother. 9 in x 12.2 in x 12.3 in $$
6. Creatista Pro (Original Line) ristretto, espresso, lungo, flat white, caffè latte, cappuccino, and latte macchiato 68 oz./2 liters. 12 Integrated steam pipe for milk frothing and a stainless steel pitcher. 16.9 in x 12.9 in x 7.7 in $$$$$$$$

So here are the best Nespresso machines and their reviews:

1. Nespresso Essenza Mini

Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.

The Essenza Mini is the best Nespresso machine for espresso lovers who are looking for a cheaper single-serve coffee maker with a compact size.

It’s from the Original line and has predefined settings that you can use to make espresso (1.35 oz./40 ml.) and lungo (3.7 oz./110 ml.) shots.

Nevertheless, you can reprogram the volume of your espresso to match it to your taste.

To do so, you just need to press and maintain the espresso button while the coffee is brewing until you reach the desired volume. The machine will then automatically save it.

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is perfect for those who like concentrated espresso beverages with intense flavors. It produces a thick coffee foam layer that many consumers like.

It’s essential to point out that there is a large variety of coffee pods from the Original Line that are compatible with the Essenza Mini.

So if you’re a coffee connoisseur who likes to try out different types of coffee beans and blends, you will definitely enjoy exploring your options.

Furthermore, you can use the Nespresso Essenza Mini with refillable Nespresso pods, and make a cup with your favorite beans instead of Nespresso’s.

When it comes to design there are two versions: one by DeLonghi, and one by Breville.

Click here to check out the Nespresso Essenza Mini by Breville on Amazon.

It’s worth noting that the differences between Breville and DeLonghi Essenza Mini models are purely aesthetic. So you can choose the version that matches your taste better.

Furthermore, this compact Nespresso machine comes in different colors, so you can choose a hue that goes well with your kitchen interior.

One of the advantages of this machine is its compact size (width: 4.3 in., height: 8 in., depth: 12.8 in.).

It won’t take much space on your kitchen counter.

The water tank capacity is 20 oz. (590 ml.), which means that you can make 5 lungos in a roll without a refill.

With that being said, if you want a compact Nespresso coffee maker with a slightly higher tank capacity, you can have a look at the Nespresso Pixie. It’s slightly bigger and it’s water tank holds 24 oz. (710 ml).

Click here to check out the Nespresso Pixie on Amazon.

Even though the Nespresso Essenza Mini doesn’t come with a milk frother, you can still make delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and other classic espresso-based coffee drinks with it.

You just need to buy a separate milk frother which is quite affordable as well.

Click here to check out the price of the Aeroccino Milk Frother on Amazon.

Important: Don’t pour too much milk into the milk frother because it will overflow. After all, as the Aeroccino heats up the milk and froths it, its volume increases. I’d recommend filling slightly below the fill line.

If you’re certain that you need the frother to start with, you can get it along with the machine, and take advantage of a bundle pricing scheme to save up some money. You can check out the Essenza Mini Aeroccino bundle on Amazon here.

Overall the Nespresso Essenza Mini is undoubtedly one of my top picks along Nespresso machines. It’s a reliable, easy to set up, and quite affordable coffee maker that you can use to make delicious coffee.

Author’s Note: If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a coffee maker, but the more affordable models don’t match your requirements, you can always get a used Nespresso machine.

You can find great deals on Ebay and on Facebook’s Marketplace.

I have a friend that has been using a secondhand Essenza Mini for a while and has no issues with it.

Still, to avoid disappointments, insist on having the option to see and test the maker before paying for it.

You can also wait a bit for Black Friday deals, as at such times the Nespresso machines are often heavily discounted.

2. Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Click here to check out the price and more photos on Amazon.

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is one of the best machines for those who love drinking lattes and cappuccinos at home.

It has an integrated milk frother and a digital touchscreen with ristretto (0.85 oz./25 ml.), espresso (1.35 oz./40 ml.), and lungo (3.7 oz./110 ml.) preset buttons.

Furthermore, it has cappuccino and latte macchiato one-touch buttons.

Once you press them, the Nespresso Lattissima will use the integrated recipe to prepare your coffee drink of choice.

If you want to have control over the amount of milk you’re adding to your espresso drink, you can use the warm milk button instead.

Furthermore, by spinning the nozzle on top of the milk container, you can adjust the milk froth texture. This means that you could make your drink more or less foamy, depending on your preference.

This Nespresso machine is bulkier than the Essenza Mini. The Lattissima Pro has the following dimensions: 7.6 in x 13 in x 10.8 in (WxHxD).

Its water tank has a capacity of 44 oz. (1300 ml.).

If you aren’t impressed by the Pro model’s digital screen and one-touch latte and cappuccino drink buttons, you can get the cheaper and more compact Lattissima One.

Click here to check out the price on Amazon.

Its milk container is smaller, and its water tank is 34 oz. (1 liter). The Lattissima One will take less space on your kitchen counter (W 6.1 in. x H 10.1 in. x D 12.8 in.). With that being said, I prefer the overall quality and performance of the Lattissima Pro.

On the other hand, if you really like the one-touch button feature, and you want to make different coffee drinks effortlessly, you may be interested in having a look at the Nespresso Gran Lattissima.

Click here to check out its price on Amazon.

Apart from cappuccino and latte macchiato, it also has flat white and caffè latte buttons.

With all being said, if I were you I’d go for the Nespresso Lattissima Pro. I consider it the best Nespresso machine among Lattissima models in terms of features, quality, and reliability.

3. Nespresso Vertuo Next

Click here to check out the price and more info on Amazon.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is the best machine for those who like having both espresso and drip-style coffee drinks with a larger volume. It’s also ideal for iced coffee drinks. You should just place a tall glass filled with ice cubes on the drip tray and brew your favorite coffee on top.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next accepts Vertuo capsules that make:

  • Espresso (1.35 oz./40 ml.)
  • Double Espresso (2.7 oz./ 80ml.)
  • Gran lungo (5 oz./150 ml.)
  • Mug size drip-style coffee (7.77 oz./ 230 ml)
  • Carafe pour-over style (18 oz.) (530 ml.)

Once you insert the capsule, the machine will read the printed barcode on its underside and create the optimal brewing conditions for the specific pod (temperature, water volume, etc.).

You don’t even need to select the serving size – the machine knows what it’s doing.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is also a top pick for those who want to make more than one cup of coffee at a time. This is so, as you have the option to get carafe pour-over style capsules and brew 18 oz. (530 ml.) of coffee at once.

Considering the variability in coffee drinks you can prepare with the Vertuo Next and the overall quality of this machine, it’s rather inexpensive. A disadvantage to consider is that it doesn’t come with an integrated milk frother.

Nevertheless, you can still use it to make lattes and cappuccinos, as long as you buy a separate milk frother.

As with other Nespresso machines, you can get the Vertuo next in a bundle with the Aeroccino milk frother (Amazon link).

What’s also worth noting is that the coffee these machines produce is smooth and flavorful. I’d say that in terms of taste the mug serving size is better than Keurig’s 8 oz. (240 ml.) cup of coffee.

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Nespresso is undoubtedly the best at delivering the best coffee with the least amount of effort on behalf of the consumer.

It’s also worth noting that there are two Vertuo Next models – one by Breville and one by DeLonghi.

I like the design of the DeLonghi version better, but it all comes down to personal aesthetic preferences. After all, when it comes to features and basic functions there aren’t differences between both models.

The Vertuo Next requires a Nespresso application that it connects to via Bluetooth or wifi. It runs remote software updates and sends alerts on water tank levels. In the application, you can also find machine information and assistance videos.

Considering how much the Vertuo Next offers to its owner, the machine is rather compact – only 5.5 inches wide. Its water tank holds 37 ounces (1090 ml.).

With all being said, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is the coffee machine that I’d recommend to virtually anyone.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and you can utilize it to make both concentrated espresso beverages and drip-style coffee drinks.

Furthermore, it has a stylish design and requires the least amount of effort on your behalf to make delicious coffee in no time. So it definitely deserves an honorable spot in the list of the best Nespresso machines.

4. Nespresso Citiz

Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.
The Nespresso Citiz is a Nespresso machine from the original line that is considered the best, most effective model by many consumers. When combined with an Aeroccino milk frother it lets you prepare various coffee drinks with rich coffee flavor and satisfying taste.

Compared to the Essenza Mini and the Pixie, the water reservoir of the Citiz is bigger – 34 oz. (1 liter).

At the same time the machine’s body is quite compact – only 5.13 inches wide (13 cm.).

It’s also worth noting that the container for used capsules of the Citiz has a higher capacity (9 pods) compared to the Essenza Mini (6 pods).

With the Nespresso Citiz you should use Original pods to prepare espresso (1.35 oz./40 ml.) and lungo (3.7 oz./ 110 ml.) shots.

Nevertheless, as with other Nespresso machines, you can adjust the predefined settings and the amount of coffee that fills your cup.

So if you prefer a higher volume serving, you can reprogram your Citiz to match it to your preferences.

This Nespresso machine has a sturdy construction and appealing design. If you’re looking for a simple, yet reliable and easy-to-use coffee maker, you can’t go wrong with the Citiz.

5. Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo

Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.

The Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo will take up a bit more space on your kitchen counter, but its water tank has a higher capacity of 54 oz. (1600 ml.).

Its used capsule container can hold 17 of the larger mug Vertuo pods, which is undoubtedly convenient.

Since it’s from the VertuoLine, you can use the Evoluo to brew more concentrated espresso-style coffee drinks (espresso and double espresso), as well as gran lungo (5 oz./150 ml.), and 7.77 oz. (230 ml.) drip-style coffee.

The coffee that this machine produces is smooth and balanced. You will undoubtedly enjoy the nice foamy crema layer that lays on the surface of your drink.

The Evoluo is definitely an upgrade to a generic drip coffee maker, as it lets you prepare a much more enjoyable cup. Furthermore, if you’re used to having your drip coffee with milk and other flavored syrups, you may find that those additional condiments are no longer needed.

After all, the precise barcode system ensures optimal brewing conditions for the specific type of coffee pod you’ve inserted.

This way the Evoluo extracts the best flavors out of the ground coffee beans that the capsule contains.

That’s why you may find much more joy in drinking your coffee black.

Of course, you can get the Evoluo machine in a bundle with an Aeroccino to prepare cappuccino and latte coffee drinks at home.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware that the machine is 9 inches (~23 cm.) wide. This is almost twice as much as the Vertuo Next.

So if you want to save up some space on your kitchen counter, get the Vertuo Next instead. The Nespresso Vertuo is more compact compared to the Evoluo – 8.3 inches wide. Nevertheless it has a lower water tank capacity of 40 oz.

Anyway, the Nespresso Evoluo coffee machine is also great for iced coffee drinks.

For best results, you can get some Nespresso pods that are specifically intended for iced coffee.

This Iced Coffee Variety Pack for Vertuo coffee makers is ideal for those who love cold coffee beverages.

With all being said the Nespresso Evoluo is a sturdy coffee maker that’s easy to operate.

The fact that it also lets you enjoy a variety of delicious coffee beverages makes it one of the best Nespresso machines on this list.

6. Nespresso Creatista Pro

Click here to check out the price and more photos on Amazon.

The Nespresso Creatista Pro is the best pod coffee machine for home use that you can get. It’s made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. Furthermore, it has a large digital touch screen that makes it easy for you to choose from delicious coffee drinks such as ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, long black, flat white, latte macchiato, and caffè latte.

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Moreover, with the Creatista Pro you can create personalized drink recipes with the desired coffee volume, milk texture, and milk temperature.

What makes this machine so special is that it has an integrated steam wand and a pitcher that you can use to steam and froth milk.

This is much more convenient to use and easier to clean alternative to the integrated container frothers, or separate Aeroccino frothers.

After each use, the steam wand automatically cleans itself by purging hot water. So you only need to wash the stainless steel pitcher after heating up and frothing.

On the machine’s digital screen you can adjust the milk texture and the milk temperature to match them to your liking.

What’s also worth noting is that the Creatista Pro heats up quite fast.

It only takes 3 seconds for the machine to reach the necessary brew temperature.

In comparison, other Nespresso machines need 30 seconds to be ready for brewing.

Another thing that makes this Nespresso machine stand out is its hot water spout. It’s separate from the coffee spout, which means that you can dispense hot water to prepare tea or pre-heat your cup before pulling a shot.

This additional spout feature also makes it easy for you to make an Americano or a Long black, which is a bit harder with other Nespresso coffee makers.

Author’s Note: If you want to find out what Americano actually is and how it compares to the long black, check out this post.

As a cheaper alternative to the Creatista Pro, you can get a Creatista Plus instead.

Click here to check out its price on Amazon.

It has a smaller water dispenser (50 oz./1.5 liters instead of 67 oz./2 liters), a lower capacity of its used capsule container, a smaller screen, and doesn’t have a separate hot water spout.

There are other slight differences between the Pro and Plus models, including their sizes, some design elements, and predefined coffee drink options.

I’d highly recommend going for the Pro if you can afford to invest a bit more in your home Nespresso machine, as it’s definitely one of the best makers that you can get.

Final Words

I hope that you found my guide on the best Nespresso machines helpful.

I’d love to find out which one you went for and why.

Is the machine you’ve chosen your top pick because of its integrated milk frother? Do you insist on having cappuccinos and lattes at home, or you don’t mind having your coffee without anything in addition?

Or maybe it was the price that played the largest part in decision making?

Leave me a comment below to let me know, or ask me a question in case something’s left unclear!

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