Best Pink Coffee Makers: Top 8 Picks Reviewed

Being aesthetically stimulated by the coffee gear you use is quite pleasing. It can make you enjoy preparing and drinking a cup even more.

In this post, I decided to list and review the best pink coffee makers for those who love the rose hue.

But it’s not all about the looks – here you will find a variety of brewing devices, capable of producing a flavorful and satisfying cup of Joe. From drip, single-serve pod coffee makers, and espresso machines to manual pour-over brewers and French presses.

By going over the recommended product reviews, you will likely find the most suitable pink appliance that will match your taste, requirements, and budget.

So let’s dive in!

What Are the Top Pink Coffee Makers?

Here is a short overview table. If you’re in a hurry, you can click on the name of the coffee maker that has grabbed your attention. This way you will quickly jump to its review.

Name: Type: Price Bracket:
1. Smeg Retro Drip Coffee Maker Drip coffee maker, 1950s design, in pink $$$$
2. asobu Pour-over brewing device with a stainless steel reusable filter and an insulated carafe in powdered pink. Capacity: 32 oz., around 4 cups. $$
3. Keurig K-Mini Single-serve pod coffee maker, 6 fl. oz. to 10 fl. oz. serving size. $$
4. ESPRO P7 French press Stainless steel, insulated, with a double micro-filter – keeps the sediment out of the brew. Capacity of 32 oz. or 18 ounces. Color: cranberry (with pink undertones). $$$
5. Smeg Retro Espresso Machine Compact home-grade espresso maker with a 50s retro design. Has single, double filter baskets, and can work with paper pods. $$$$$$
6. Wacaco NanoPresso Manual espresso maker, easily portable, attractive design, you can pull excellent espresso shots with it. It also comes with a protective case. $$
7. GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Moka pot coffee maker, made of aluminum, attractive design – wooden handle, pink body. $
8. Technivorm KBGV Moccamaster Select The best pink drip machine in terms of coffee flavor. Uses a pulse brewing technology for better extraction and nicely balanced taste. $$$$

When doing my research and creating my list of the best pink coffee machines, I took into account various product characteristics.

Apart from the maker’s looks, I considered the price-to-quality ratio and durability.

Furthermore, I made sure to only include products that are capable of producing a satisfying cup.

Of course, the term “satisfying coffee” is interpreted differently among different coffee consumers. But no matter if you’re a rigorous coffee connoisseur or an unpretentious habitual drinker, you will get to find the device that matches your taste best.

So here are the best pink coffee makers:

1. Smeg Drip Coffee Machine

Smeg retro 50s drip coffee maker in pink
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The Smeg Drip Coffee Machine is an aesthetically pleasing pink coffee maker that has a nice retro look, inspired by the 50s. Apart from its outstandingly appealing design, the Smeg is one of my top picks because it’s durable and capable of producing a hot and flavorful cup of Joe.

The maker has a 10-cup capacity, which translates to a water tank that holds approximately 40 fluid ounces (1.2 liters).

If you brew a full pot, you will get around 5 full mugs of coffee.

You can use its half-pot button in case you want to brew a smaller batch.

The pink Smeg retro machine is also programmable. You can set its timer and have your coffee ready to brew as soon as you wake up in the morning.

It has a warmer that will keep the fresh batch in the carafe hot for as long as you need.

This pink drip coffee maker also has an auto shut-off function.

Another advantage of this Smeg appliance is that it comes with a reusable filter. So you won’t need to think about always having disposable paper filters in stock to make your coffee.

Of course, there are some appliance disadvantages that you need to be aware of in advance.

Filling the water tank may feel a bit challenging at first. The way the machine is set up makes it somewhat difficult for the consumer to pour the water into the reservoir. I guess it wasn’t possible for the designers to come up with a better solution without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of the maker.

Furthermore, even though the body of the Smeg coffee maker is made of metal, there are many plastic parts on its inside. Considering the machine’s price, this may be a bit disappointing.

However, the plastic is durable and BPA-free. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that in the 1950s, the mass use of plastic in product manufacturing was at its peak. So, in a way, the internal components make this pink retro coffee maker’s design even more authentic.

Author’s Note: If you’re a fan of the vintage design, but the Smeg goes over the budget you’ve set, you can check out the Pink Nostalgia Programmable Drip Coffee Maker.
Nostalgia programmable retro pink coffee machine
Click here to check out the Nostalgia maker’s price on Amazon.

It also comes with a reusable filter, you can set its timer to schedule your brewing, and has a warm plate. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to use and clean. Nevertheless, I’d say that the Nostalgia coffee maker’s design isn’t as nice as the one by Smeg. Furthermore, it may not be as durable, but that’s expected, considering the significantly lower price.

There’s another reason why the Smeg 1950’s retro coffee maker may be the best option for some of you.

If you’re looking to find pink kitchen appliances to improve the ambiance in your kitchen, you should be aware that you can easily find other Smeg products with the same color and style. These include the Smeg toaster and the variable temperature electric kettle.
Pink toaster and electric kettle by the brand Smeg
So if you go for the Smeg coffee maker, it will be easy for you to complete your kitchen’s aesthetics.

2. asobu Pour-Over Coffee Maker

asobu pour-over brewer and sealed stainless steel carafe (on the right) in powdered pink
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With its beautiful powdered pink color, the asobu pour-over coffee maker is undoubtedly one of the best manual devices on this list.

Not only does it look great, but with it, you can also prepare a nice, well-rounded, and flavorful cup of Joe.

The asobu is made of two main components. The bottom part serves as a carafe which is double-wall insulated. Once you seal the decanter, it will keep your brewed coffee hot for quite a long time. Meanwhile, it will stay completely cool to the touch.

This pink pour-over coffee brewing device also comes with a reusable stainless steel filter. It’s a fine-mesh cone, so it will keep the coffee grounds out of your brew.

Furthermore, this filter design is favorable because the flow rate of the asobu seems a bit too fast if you go for the usual pour-over grind size. To slow it down and improve extraction you should grind a bit finer.

Of course, you will need to spend some trial-and-error time, until you get to the perfect drawdown time for the best flavor.

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You may find it a bit annoying when you’re struggling to clear out some coffee fines that are stuck to the stainless steel mesh.

To avoid that, use paper filters, such as the Hario size 02 ones.

Anyway, the capacity of the carafe is 32 ounces (~950 ml). You can brew around 4 cups at a time.

When it comes to the coffee-to-water ratio, as a basic guideline you can use 60 grams of coffee for a full batch (1:17 ratio).

If you don’t have a coffee scale, use 2 rounded tablespoons of ground coffee for each cup of water.

As with all brewing methods, you should experiment a bit until you get the best coffee flavor out of your beans.

The pink asobu coffee brewer is made of high-quality materials and it’s quite durable.

It’s a BPA-free, eco-friendly maker.

Unlike single-serve pod coffee makers, using it doesn’t involve producing an alarming amount of waste.

Furthermore, the asobu pour-over device is easily portable – you can take it with you to the office or when you travel.

On a side note, if you’re a traveler who loves pink, you can also check out the pink travel mug by Coffee Gator.

Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.

It comes with a stainless steel pour-over cone for making coffee on the go.

All that aside, the aesthetically pleasing minimalistic design of the asobu will look good on any kitchen counter.

Still, as a more budget-friendly alternative, those who are fans of the pour-over way of making coffee can get a pink ceramic dripper, such as this one by Kajava Mama.
pink ceramic dripper by Kajava Mama
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The Kajava Mama dripper works well with Hario paper filters. Even though it’s less expensive than the popular Hario dripper, you can get the same results with it.

The thing is that the pink Kajava Mama is a single-serve cone. So if you’re looking for a coffee maker that can produce more cups at once, go for the asobu pour-over device.

Author’s Note: For those who love the pink color, take a look at this nice pink gooseneck kettle (a favorite of many coffee lovers) – the Fellow Stagg EKG:
Fellow Stagg EKG gooseneck electric kettle
Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.
Pour-over coffee fans often buy gooseneck kettles since they make it easier for them to control the pour and therefore – improve extraction.

Moreover, you can set the Fellow Stagg to heat the water to a certain temperature and maintain it throughout the brew cycle. This can have a great impact on your cup’s quality.

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3. Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve Brewer

Keurig K-Mini single-serve pod coffee machine in pink color
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The Keurig K-Mini is a compact single-serve pod coffee maker.

Its minimalistic design and nice dusty rose color complement each other nicely. Furthermore, it’s one of the best coffee makers for pink lovers who need an easy-to-use and maintain coffee machine for home.

With the Keurig K-Mini, you can brew 6- to 10-ounce cups (180 ml. – 295 ml.).

You should fill the water reservoir with the desired serving volume before each brew. This is considered an advantage by many users since they get to prepare coffee with fresh water every time.

If you opt for the pink K-Mini, you will get to choose from a variety of k-cups. With just a click of a button, you’ll enjoy a flavorful cup of Joe, or other k-cup drinks, such as hot chocolate or tea.

Another advantage of this coffee maker is that Keurig’s customer support team is quite helpful when dealing with complaints. Furthermore, the machine comes with a 1-year warranty.

If the Keurig K-Mini goes over the budget you’ve set, you can check out the pink Bella Single-Serve Pink Coffee Maker:
Bella k-cup pink coffee maker
Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.

It works with k-cups as well.

Just keep in mind that, unlike the K-Mini, the Bella coffee machine doesn’t fit a travel mug as its drip tray isn’t removable.

Furthermore, it’s a bit tricky to close its lid, which can get quite annoying. After all, the lower price always comes with tradeoffs.

4. ESPRO P7 French Press

ESPRO P7 French press in cranberry color
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The ESPRO P7 is a high-quality stainless steel insulated French Press that you can get in a cranberry color.

Its exceptional double micro-filter does an amazing job at keeping your brew free of coffee fines and sediment.

This makes this cafetière stand out from other French presses that aren’t capable of providing this level of cup cleanness.

I couldn’t stay away from including the ESPRO P7 on my list of the best pink coffee makers.

I know that it has a somewhat different hue, compared to other product entries. Nevertheless, the saturated cranberry color has a ruby undertone. So there’s still a shade of pink present, and some of you may find it quite appealing.

This ESPRO P7 French Press is of premium quality and you can use it to make outstanding coffee.

It’s also insulated, so it will keep your coffee hot for a long time.

Considering its durability and the fact that this cafetière is virtually unbreakable, it’s totally worth the investment. It will serve its purpose for years.

Furthermore, it’s one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly coffee makers on this list.

The ESPRO P7 is also dishwasher-safe. Cleaning and maintaining it is quite easy.

Additionally, brewing coffee with a French press is a pretty straightforward process. Still, if you’re a passionate coffee connoisseur you can put in a bit of extra effort to improve your French press technique and use it to make exceptionally flavorful and balanced coffee.

You can check out my French press brew guide for tips on how to do that.

When it comes to capacity, there are two size options – 18 ounces (~530 ml.) and 32 ounces (~950 ml.). Sometimes, when the coffee maker is on sale, the smaller version’s price sometimes goes below $100.

Still, if the ESPRO P7 IS too expensive for you, as an alternative you can check out this pink French Press by BaristasBuddy:
Pink stainless steel french press by BaristasBuddy
Click here to check out its price and more photos on Amazon.

5. Smeg Retro Espresso Machine

Click here to check out the price and more photos on Amazon.
The Smeg Retro Espresso machine is another appliance from the retro line of the brand.

It’s one of the best pink coffee makers for those who love espresso or are looking for a way to make lattes and cappuccinos at home.

The machine has a steam wand that allows you to steam and froth your milk.

Its removable drip tray lets you place a taller cup, filled with your foamed milk and make a delicious latte macchiato.

The machine comes with three filter baskets – a single for 1 shot, a double – for 2, and a paper pod basket. The latter is perfect for consumers who don’t want to deal with ground coffee and tamping when preparing a cup.

Besides all, the Smeg espresso machine is easy to use.

It has 3 buttons. They are for a single shot, a double shot, and for the steam wand.

You can also use the buttons to adjust the volume of the coffee yield to match your taste.

Apart from all its other advantages, this espresso machine is quite compact so it won’t take up much space on your kitchen counter.

Using this home-grade espresso machine is quite easy. So you don’t need advanced barista skills to get a nice shot.

This is so, as the machine uses a pressurized portafilter, which is quite forgiving when it comes to grinding quality, distribution, and tamping.

With all being said, the Smeg 50s style espresso maker would be the top choice of many coffee lovers who are looking for stylish pink appliances.

So if your budget allows it, I sincerely recommend going for this unit.

6. Wacaco Nanopresso

Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso maker and protective case in pink
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The pink Wacaco Nanopresso is a great portable manual espresso machine that you can use to make excellent espresso shots.

It comes with a spoon, cleaning brush, and cup, attached to the water tank, as well as a nice protective case.

The latter is quite convenient if you want to carry around this cute and effective espresso maker when you travel.

It was surprising for me to find out how easy it is to use the Wacaco Nanopresso to make high-quality espresso shots.

To use it, you just need to do the following:

  1. Use the scoop to pour finely ground coffee into the filter basket. The scoop holds around 8 grams of coffee, which is ideal for a single shot.
  2. Turn the scoop upside down and use it to tamp the coffee.
  3. Remove any grounds from the rim of the filter.
  4. Screw on the portafilter.
  5. Add boiling water to the bottom chamber. You should fill the water tank to the max line, which can be seen on its inside.
  6. Unlock the piston.
  7. Turn the Wacaco Nanopresso upside-down over a cup and start pumping. This will create pressure and pump the water through the coffee grounds.

Once you’ve pumped the coffee out of this unusual device, you’ll get a nice shot with a balanced flavor and a satisfying crema layer.

It’s essential to note that grind quality plays a crucial role in espresso making.

So use a high-quality grinder, such as the manual 1Zpresso J-max.

The pink Wacaco Nanopresso has a beautiful design.

Its looks in combination with how well it performs in terms of shot quality and flavor also make it one of the best gifts a coffee lover could get.

Besides, it’s a durable coffee maker that will serve its owner for years.

GROSCHE Milano Moka Pot

GROSCHE Milano moka pot with wooden handle and pink aluminum body
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The GROSCHE Milano Moka pot is a sturdy stovetop coffee maker that comes in a pleasant pink color.

It has a wooden handle that complements its looks and lets you grab it without burning your hands.

This coffee maker produces a strong cup with intense flavor.

This is typical for Moka pot coffee makers that are often used as an alternative to espresso for homemade lattes and cappuccinos.

Furthermore, this type of brew is caffeine-concentrated, which makes it ideal for those who need a stronger wake-up kick in the morning.

It’s quite easy to use this device. You can check out my guide on how to use a Moka pot for clear step-by-step instructions.

The GROSCHE Milano pink coffee brewer is made of aluminum and comes in a few sizes – 3, 6, 9, and 12 cups.

Keep in consideration that the 3-cup size is often used as a single-cup maker. This is so, as the standard Moka pot serving size is around 3 ounces (90 ml.).

If the GROSCHE Milano exceeds your budget, you can get the Zulay Moka Pot, seen in the photo below:
Zulay moka pot coffee maker
Click here to check out the price and more photos on Amazon.
Nevertheless, compared to the GROSCHE stovetop brewer, the Zulay one isn’t as durable.

So I’d recommend investing in quality to save more money in the long run.

I know that this may sound counterintuitive at first, but there’s a reason why the saying “cheap is expensive” exists.

8. Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select

Technivorm Moccamaster drip coffee machine in pink
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The Technivorm Moccamaster is one of the best drip coffee machines when it comes to coffee flavor. Furthermore, it has a strong heating element that provides the necessary temperature consistency throughout the brewing process. The good news is that the sturdy and efficient Moccamaster also comes in a nice pink color.

To bring the best flavors out of your coffee beans, the Technivorm Moccamaster uses pulse brewing technology.

It ensures that the grounds are saturated evenly.

Furthermore, the machine gives them time to bloom.

This has a noticeably positive effect on the extraction quality and final taste of the brew.

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select has another essential feature – the brew volume selection switch.

It lets you set the machine to either brew a full pot or just a half.

Depending on the setting you choose, the maker will adjust the flow rate to optimize it for the volume you’re brewing.

This has a great impact on the quality of your coffee.

You will end up with a brew that has a well-rounded and smooth flavor, no matter the size of the batch.

This pink coffee machine also has a warmer plate.

It runs on a separate heating element and keeps the coffee’s temperature within the ideal range of 175°F – 185°F (79°C – 85°C).

In conclusion, this Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select is the best pink coffee maker for consumers who need a reliable drip coffee maker that can produce the best-tasting cup of Joe.

Final words

I hope that you found this guide and my reviews helpful.

I’d love to find out which one of my pink coffee maker suggestions you liked the best.

Leave me a comment below to let me know.

You could also ask a question in case something’s left unclear.

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