The 8 Best Thermal Coffee Mugs For Travel: Reviewed

Updated – 06/2021
Reheating coffee accelerates the process of oxidation and has a negative impact on its flavor, so you may want to look into ways to avoid warming up your brew.

One of these ways is getting yourself a well-insulated mug that will keep your cup of Joe hot for long enough.

In this post, I gathered the best thermal coffee mugs that you can take on the go and are great for travel.

You will find vacuum insulated tumblers that will keep your coffee and tea either hot or ice-cold for hours.

I made sure to include leak-proof cups with lids, that won’t make a mess.

You will also find sturdy stainless steel mugs that can fit your car cup holder.

No matter whether you’re looking for a durable travel mug with a straw that will keep your iced drink cold throughout a hot summer day, or you want a convenient ceramic cup that you can take with you on your commute – you will find it here.

Such a thermal mug can also be the perfect gift not only for a coffee or a tea lover but for virtually anyone.

So let’s dive in.

The Best Thermal Coffee Mugs for Travel – Reviews

Here’s a quick overview chart where you can find all the top thermal coffee mugs listed here.

If you’re in a hurry, you can click on the mug’s name that has drawn your attention and you’ll quickly jump to its review.

Mug: Type: Size, oz Leak-Proof Price Bracket:
1. Zojirushi vacuum insulated, stainless steel 12, 16, 20 Yes $$$$
2. Yeti stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation 14 No $$$
3. Contigo Autoseal stainless steel, vacuum insulated coffee mug 20 Yes $$$
4. Juro insulated, stainless steel with a straw 16 If used with its flip lid – yes. $
5. Coffee Gator stainless steel with pour-over mesh filter 16 not 100%, will prevent spillage $$$
6. bioGo bioplastic; rice husk fiber 13, 16 might leak just a tiny bit if tipped over $
7. Chill Cups stainless steel with a straw 20, 30 pretty much leak-proof, but might still leak a bit $$$$
8. Ello Ogden ceramic with silicone sleeve 16 No $$

No matter if you’re looking for a coffee mug that’s suitable for traveling, or you simply need a cup that will keep your beverage hot the longest, I recommend reading through the reviews.

I made sure to only include the top-performing products, that I’ve cherry-picked after thorough research.

Nevertheless, each one of these insulated mugs has some sort of a disadvantage that you should take into consideration before buying.

After all, making informed decisions always limits the possibility of disappointments.

With that being said, here are the best thermal coffee mugs for travel:

1. Zojirushi

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The thermal mug by Zojirushi is virtually the best travel mug that will keep your coffee either hot or cold the longest.

On top of that, this vacuum-insulated mug is 100% spill-proof, and you won’t have to worry about it leaking or making a mess if you carry it around in your backpack.

It’s made in Japan, which speaks of its high quality and sturdiness.

It has a flip lid on top that makes it possible for you to open it with one hand whenever you want to take a sip.

This feature is quite convenient.

Nevertheless, some people are complaining about their nose bumping into the lid when they drink.

You can avoid that by pushing the lid all the way back until it clicks.

By doing so it will be secured in the same position and it won’t move towards your nose when you are taking a sip.

You can secure it with the same hand you’re holding the mug with, so you can easily avoid the nose inconvenience.

The travel Zojirushi mug will fit your car cup holder, but even if you toss it in the back seat, it won’t leak (as long as the lid is in place, of course).

It’s the perfect insulated mug that you can take on the go.

You can get it in three sizes with the following capacities:

  • 12 fluid ounces or 350 ml.
  • 16 fuid ounces or 470 ml
  • 20 fluid ounces or 590 ml

Bear in mind that the thermal mug by Zojirushi will keep your coffee or tea hot for a long time.

The liquid will still be hot even 6 hours after pouring it into this vacuum-insulated mug.

So be prepared that you may burn your tongue if you take a sip an hour after you’ve poured your coffee in.

It takes quite a while for your beverage to cool down even if you take the lid off.

So if you’re used to having your coffee or tea soon after you’ve poured it into your mug, the Zojirushi might not be an adequate pick for you.

Of course, if you prefer having iced drinks, this mug will do a proper job at keeping your beverage cold for long too.

So if you add ice cubes to your cold brew coffee in the morning, you will still find them floating in there in the late afternoon.

This travel mug comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your taste best.

You can check out the color variety in the following photo:

Another cool thing about this thermal coffee mug is its nonstick interior coating, which doesn’t stain or absorb odors.

It’s quite easy to clean it and it won’t ruin your coffee or tea’s flavor.

Nevertheless, the nonstick coating is made of PTFE (also known as Teflon ®), that has been associated with toxicity concerns.

Still, based on my research, there isn’t enough evidence to support the claims that this type of coating is significantly harmful to us.

Especially if we take into consideration the fact that PTFE is stable up to around 500°F (260°C).

Even if you pour boiling water into your thermal Zojirushi mug, it will only be 212 °F (100 °C) which is way below the temperature that may possibly make this type of coating harmful.

With that being said, if you want to avoid PTFE, you can get a travel mug by Zujirushi that is made with something called a SlickSteel® finish.

The interior of this type of mug is electro-polished, and its surface resists corrosion and repels stains without the use of the nonstick PTFE coating.

You can check the SlckSteel® Zojirushi travel mug on Amazon by clicking here.

This one comes in fewer colors, but you still have a variety to choose from.

What’s worth noting is that some people complain that when using the SlickSteel® Zojirushi insulated mug, their tea or coffee tastes worse than it’s supposed to.

So the nonstick coating is better at keeping the flavor of your coffee or tea intact.

Overall, the Zojirushi brand offers the best thermal coffee mug for travel, so if it fits your budget, go for it. No matter whether it’s for a gift or for yourself, it’s totally worth it.

2. Yeti

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a cool thermal mug that will keep your tea or coffee hot by the time you finish it, get the 14 fl. oz. (400 ml) Yeti insulated mug.

Its lid isn’t leak-proof, but it will prevent spillage, which is great when you’re a bit clumsier in the early mornings.

The double-wall vacuum insulation works perfectly well for keeping your drink at the desired temperature for much longer compared to the ceramic cup you’re usually using.

This product isn’t the best one on this list in terms of heat retention, but it’s perfect if it takes longer for you to finish up your coffee in the morning.

With the Yeti insulated mug, you won’t have to worry about reheating your hot beverage halfway through the cup.

This thermal mug comes in a variety of nice colors, so you can choose the one that suits your personal taste best.

No matter which color you choose, keep in mind that this mug won’t fit your car cup holder, as it’s wider than the standard size.

Other than that, the Yeti insulated mug is 100% dishwasher safe, so it would be easy for you to clean it.

It’s sturdy and durable and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Yeti stainless steel mug also makes a great gift for a coffee lover who’s not a fan of reheating.

After all, all coffee connoisseurs know that coffee loses its aromatic compounds quite fast after brewing. Reheating would ruin their favorite caffeinated beverage’s flavor even faster.

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3. Contigo Autoseal Thermal mug

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The Contigo Autoseal vacuum-insulated travel mug is undeniably one of the top thermal coffee mugs that you can find.

It can retain heat or keep your iced drink cold for hours.

It’s also completely leak-proof, so you don’t need to worry that it will spill into your bag.

Whenever you want to take a sip, you can simply push the black Autoseal button.

By doing so the drinking hole will open which will let you enjoy your drink without worrying that it may spill.

If you’re concerned that you may push the drinking button by mistake, you can use the lock feature, or in other words, click the lock button situated on the top of this insulated mug.

This way you’re making sure that the drinking hole will remain sealed no matter whether you push the “Autoseal” button or not.

If you are to toss your Contigo thermal mug on the back seat, lock it, and you can be certain that it won’t make a mess.

That’s why the Contigo Autoseal stainless steel cup is perfect for travel.

It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that matches your style best.

This product can be easily cleaned.

The lid would be the trickiest component in terms of cleaning, but you can dismantle it effortlessly and wash all the corners thoroughly with ease.

When it comes to its size, you can get a Contigo mug with a capacity of 16 fl. oz. (470 ml), 20 fl. oz. (590 ml), or 24 fl. oz. (700 ml).

After you pour your hot tea or coffee in this thermal mug, it’s recommended that you wait for at least 3 minutes for it to cool off before sealing the lid.

It really does an amazing job at keeping your drink hot for long (too long for some).

Even after an hour, your beverage may still be too hot to have, so definitely keep that in mind to avoid burning your lips.

With all being said, this thermal coffee mug is totally worth the investment, as it’s convenient, durable, and will serve you for years of daily use.

So get the Contigo insulated mug if you’re looking for a high-quality leak-proof travel mug that will keep your iced drink cold and your hot drink hot for a long time.

4. Juro Thermal Mug with a Straw

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The travel coffee mug by Juro is a great thermal mug that’s quite affordable in terms of price.

It’s made of stainless steel and its double-wall insulation will keep your beverage at the desired temperature for longer than your regular mug.

Furthermore – when you pour your hot beverage into it, the heat won’t transfer to its external part, so you will be able to hold your mug without worrying that you may burn your fingers.

On top of that, the Juro thermal mug comes with two convenient to use lids and a metal straw with a cleaner.

This BPA-free product will fit your car cup holder and it’s dishwasher safe.

It’s quite easy to clean it manually too, so it won’t be hard for you to maintain it between uses.

Even the steel straw can be thoroughly washed by hand with ease thanks to the cleaning brush it comes with.

With all being said, it won’t retain heat as well as the Zojirushi one.

If you’re NOT expecting it to keep your morning coffee hot until the evening, but only for a couple of hours, this one is for you.

A friend of mine got the Jura travel mug, as she only needed it to keep her coffee hot by the time she gets to her office.

Her morning commute takes around 45 to 50 minutes, and her caffeinated beverage stays hot by the time she gets to work.

She says the Juro mug keeps her coffee warm for up to 2 hours after she gets there (if she doesn’t finish it up earlier).

She’s more than happy with this travel mug, not only because it performs according to her needs. It’s also the most budget-friendly option she stumbled upon.

If you’re looking for an insulated travel mug for iced coffee, you won’t regret it if you get this one.

The Jura mug is great at keeping drinks cold, especially if you add ice cubes before you seal the lid.

Speaking of the lids that this mug comes with, one of them is a flip lid, the other one – a sliding lid.

They both have flaws that are worth noting.

The flip cap doesn’t flip all the way back. It may get in your way and poke your nose while you’re drinking.

That’s quite annoying when you’re simply trying to enjoy your coffee.

Therefore the flip lid is convenient to use only with the straw.

The good thing about it is the fact that it seals better than the slide one and it won’t leak.

However, if you pour boiling water in the Juro thermal mug and you seal it, the lid will most likely pop off.

This happens because of the pressure from the steam.

So keep that in mind and avoid pouring boiling hot water in it if you’re in a hurry and you want to seal it straight away.

The sliding lid is perfect for both hot and cold coffee.

Its disadvantage is that it’s a bit hard to clean under its slider.

Furthermore – the slider lid may leak a bit.

Since it’s not completely leak-proof, don’t toss your mug in your work bag randomly without caution.

On the Amazon listing, it’s mentioned that the tumbler holds 20 fl. oz. (590 ml), but bear in mind that it actually holds 16 fl. oz. (470 ml).

While it has its disadvantages, the thermal mug by Juro would be a top pick for many of you that are looking for a budget-friendly thermal travel mug for everyday use.

5. Coffee Gator

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

This stainless steel thermal mug by the brand Coffee Gator is undoubtedly one of the best coffee travel mugs that you can get.

It will keep your coffee hot or cold for hours. Furthermore, it comes with a pour-over mesh filter that’s perfect for making your daily cup of Joe no matter where you are.

This insulated cup will fit your car’s cup holder, so you can easily take it on the go with you.

Only the lid is dishwasher safe, but the process of cleaning all of the other components (the mug and the stainless steel mesh filter) by hand is rather effortless.

I wouldn’t say that its lid is 100% leak-proof, but it will prevent spillage.

The mug holds 16 fl. oz. (470 ml) without the lid, around 14 fl. oz. (410 ml) with the lid on, and if you are to use the pour-over filter, you’ll get a brew that’s around 11 fl. oz. (325 ml).

Speaking of the mesh filter, it’s a great addition that turns this cool mug into the perfect coffee-making device for traveling.

If there isn’t a decent coffee maker in your office, you can use the Coffee Gator to prepare a great cup.

Pour-over brewing requires more of your involvement throughout the process and it takes a bit longer than what you may be used to. Nevertheless, it’s totally worth it.

You will need to pour the water over the filter slowly and evenly. It will take around 2 to 4 minutes to brew a cup.

Your coffee will be fuller-bodied compared to one made by using paper filters, and there will be less sediment compared to a French press, as long as you use a coarser grind.

This thermal mug isn’t the best in terms of heat retention, but it will keep your coffee hot for around 4 hours.

It has a copper inner lining that improves its ability to keep your drink warm for longer.

Overall I’m a fan of Coffee Gator products not only because they are user-friendly, but also because of the great customer service team that stands behind this brand.

If you have any issues with your thermal mug, you can count on the customer service representatives to solve them.

They’re truly great!

It’s for a reason that I’ve included Coffee Gator products in my posts on the best gooseneck kettles and on the top french press coffee makers.

So if you’re in search of an insulated coffee mug for traveling, you should definitely consider getting the Coffee Gator one.

It’s for sure one of the best products available.

6. bioGo Double Wall Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The bioGo thermal mug is double-wall insulated and it’s a perfect mug for travel.

It’s lightweight, BPA-free and it’s the most eco-friendly mug on this list, since it’s made of rice husk fiber bioplastic.

Apart from being sustainable, this material doesn’t adhere odors and won’t ruin your tea or coffee’s flavor.

This cool insulated mug comes in a variety of colors, as seen in the following picture.

It has a screw-on lid that prevents spillages.

If you knock your bioGo mug down while its lid is screwed on, it may leak, but a negligible amount.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t toss it in my backpack while it’s still full.

Since this mug is lightweight, it’s great for carrying it around in your bag as a reusable cup for when you decide to order a drink at a coffee shop.

It’s always better to avoid having your drink in one of these plastic single-use cups.

You can get the bioGo thermal mug in two sizes – 13 fl. oz. (380 ml) and 16 fl. oz. (470 ml).

Other than that, it won’t keep your coffee or tea scalding-hot for hours ahead.

If you tend to finish up your hot drink within an hour and a half after you’ve poured it in, this insulated mug is what you may be looking for.

It will keep your drink within the optimal drinking temperature until your last sip.

That being said, the bioGo travel mug is a great environmentally friendly product that’s one of my top picks.

This is so not only because of its adequate thermal insulation but also because of its sustainability and nice looks.

7. Chill cups mug with straw

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

The Chill Cups thermal mug has double-wall vacuum insulation and will keep your drink either hot or cold for hours.

It’s a great travel coffee mug that has a spill-proof lid.

It also comes with a stainless steel straw with a silicone tip, a cleaning brush, and a convenient detachable handle.

It’s definitely a top product for yourself or a gift.

You can get it in 2 sizes – 20 oz. (590 ml) and 30 oz. (890 ml).

Regardless of its big size, this mug is designed to fit a standard cup holder, so it would be convenient to take it with you in your car.

If you prefer your coffee cup to have a handle – the Chill Cups mug comes with one that you can easily take on or off whenever you want to.

This stainless steel insulated mug is sturdy and will last for a long time, so it will definitely pay for itself.

In terms of its ability to keep your tea or coffee at the desired temperature, it does a great job.

You will still find ice cubes floating in your Chill Cups mug 12 hours after you’ve poured your drink in.

So you can place the straw in the lid opening and enjoy a refreshing cold brew on a hot summer day wherever you are.

When it comes to flaws, I’d say that one of them is that this thermal coffee mug isn’t completely leak-proof.

It seems like the company has made design improvements to ensure their mug’s 100% leak-proof status, but there are still complaints about it leaking a bit when tipped.

So I’d stay on the safe side and make sure it’s well-positioned.

That’s not that hard as the mug itself is heavy and bulky so it stays at its place.

With all being said, the Chill Cups thermal travel mug with a straw is one of the best insulated coffee mugs, no matter whether you are to use it for your daily cup of Joe, your tea, or iced water.

8. Ello Ogden Ceramic Travel Mug

Click here to see the current price and more photos on Amazon.

Many prefer having their coffee or tea in a ceramic mug since they dislike the way stainless steel and plastic alter their drink’s flavor.

Passionate coffee enthusiasts (like myself) hate having their perfect brew ruined by the mug they have their coffee in.

That’s why many people prefer using a ceramic travel mug instead of a stainless steel one.

Even though I made sure that all metal products listed here won’t affect your tea or coffee’s flavor, I decided to include a 16 oz. (470 ml) ceramic coffee mug that you can easily take on the go too.

The Ello Ogden ceramic travel mug will fit in your car cup holder and will keep your drink at the desired temperature a bit longer than your regular ceramic mug would.

Its insulation isn’t great, but if you want to be able to take a sip of your hot beverage within the first hour without it being too hot, this mug is perfect for you.

It’s not leak-proof, but it has other advantages that are worth noting.

The Ello Ogden travel mug is dishwasher safe and it’s also microwavable.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend removing the rubber sleeve and its lid before placing it in the microwave or the dishwasher.

Speaking of the sleeve, it will keep your drink’s warmth, and it also serves well as a protector against breakage, since ceramic is, after all, fragile.

This ceramic travel mug comes in many colors that you can choose from, as seen in the following photo.

Overall the Ello Ogden cool-looking ceramic mug is perfect for you if you’re rigorous about your coffee and tea’s flavor, and you’re not expecting too much in terms of insulation.

Final words

If you’re looking for the first thermal coffee mug that you are to own, I can assure you that once you get it and start using it, you will wonder why you haven’t gotten one sooner.

These insulated travel mugs make a positive difference in our day to day life, no matter whether we use them for coffee, tea, hot or cold drinks, at home, on our way to our office, or as a refill cup at our local coffee shop.

I hope I made it easier for you to choose the best one for yourself or for a gift.

Drop me a comment below if you have any questions or simply share your thoughts.

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